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Starting a blog is a lot of

Starting a blog is a lot of work

Starting a blog is a lot of work!! So, originally I thought it would take me about a month to get my blog up and running. Boy oh Boy, was I wrong. Here we are now six months later I’m still trying to figure things out. Now granted I was slacking off a little,ok maybe a lot. I don’t want to discourage anyone who is wanting to start a blog in thinking its going to take you as long as it did me. I have many reasons why it took me so long to get it up and running. Kids, work, life, Husband, dog, just to name a few. But the number one reason is frustration!! My frustration came from designing my blog. It took me a while to get familiar with the WordPress set up.

I have been wanting to start a blog for years now. I actually started one a couple of years ago Airplanes and Polka Dots. I still love that name! The airplanes represent my boys and the polka dots my girl. Anywho with that blog I didn’t get past setting up the theme. So I thought I would try again! There is a lot that needs to be done to get a blog up and running. I have studied a ton of bloggers to get tips and ideas.  Pinterest and YouTube were my life savers. I pinned pins saying “Start a blog in 7 days” “Start a blog in 10 simple steps” “Start a blog in 30 minutes”. So if you see pins like those just scroll on by. If this is your first time EVER starting a blog I don’t see how that can happen. Well, for me anyways. So I will list some of the steps that I took to get started.

1. Self Host or Free?

2. Choose a Host( I am with ipage)

3. Pick a domain name

4. Protect your blog

5. Start designing

6. Start writing

7. Publish

I’m pretty sure that I have missed some steps. I plan to go into detail and explain every step and the ones I missed in an upcoming post. This is just to give you an idea as where to start.. I’m still learning as I go. This is an exciting new journey for me and I hope that you will join me so subscribe to my newsletter to get updates!!



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