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Quit Keeping Up With The Joneses, Because The Joneses Are Broke

Quit keeping up with the Joneses, because the Joneses are broke

In Dave Ramsey’s book the Total Money Makeover he mentions this quote “Quit keeping up with the Joneses, because the Joneses are broke” several times. When I first read that passage in his book I was like he hit it exactly on the nail! I believe that we all in sometime of our life wished we could have the life of someone else. The Joneses have the expensive cars, the nice house, name brand clothes, designer shoes. Well, you get the picture. It’s everything that you don’t have, but everything that you want. The Joneses may be your neighbor, best friend, sibling, or someone you don’t even know. Maybe, you are the Joneses. Dave Ramsey talks about how we strive to be like The Joneses and we dig ourselves in a hole while trying to get to their status. We buy the cars that we can’t afford the house we can’t afford and all the luxuries to go with it.  Meanwhile the Joneses are maxing out their credit cards just to make payments on the things that they have. Just to maintain that lifestyle. You too are now realizing that it wasn’t such a great idea to try to keep up with the Joneses. You’re in debt over you head. Dave Ramsey is merely saying we have to stop trying to compete with someone who doesn’t have everything you think. Like the old saying goes ” Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  We can’t assume that the Joneses have everything just by looking at them.
Quit keeping up with the Jones

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