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Happy 32nd Birthday to Me!!

February 27th is my born day. This year I turned 32! When I think of 32 I think omg I’m almost 40! I also think how lucky and thankful I am to have made it to see 32 birthdays. I say that because so  many people in this world lives are cut too short. So I take nothing for granted. If I could have one birthday wish come true it would be to end all this senseless violence. I’m so sad about what this world has become. This year my birthday was on a Saturday I think that is the best day your birthday could possible be on! My day started with breakfast in bed thanks to Mcds and my Husband of course. Two sausage burritos and a medium caramel iced coffee. The one thing I hate about getting iced coffee from Mcds is that it’s never then same. I’m pretty sure they have a recipe card that they have to follow like Starbucks but some people just don’t follow it. But, today I had a pretty good one. I thought about what I wanted to do all week but still had no idea when the day finally arrived. I knew what I wanted to go for dinner but that’s about all! I’m not that big on birthdays I just look forward to going out to eat with my family. So we just played it by ear.  We left around lunch time so we stopped by Paradise café I believe that is the name. I don’t feel like looking it up so even if that is not the name of the restaurant that’s what it’s going to be today :). We went to a couple of stores and looked around but nothing caught my eye.

I’ve been wanting to check out this daiquiri shop in Carrollton so we headed there. They had about 10 different flavors and they put them in these cute little jugs. I chose pina colada and strawberry it was very good! They also have New Orleans food which I will try next time.IMG_6774IMG_6807IMG_6781IMG_6794IMG_6809

Dinner time!!! The second thing I was looking forward to. We headed to Tasty Tails. Which is a seafood restaurant. We got 10 lbs of crawfish 2 lbs of shrimp and it came with potatoes and corn. I haven’t had crawfish in a long time so it was like heaven in my mouth. It was so good!!IMG_6819

IMG_6822 IMG_6824 IMG_6828 IMG_6825 IMG_6840 IMG_6833 IMG_6829 IMG_6830 IMG_6845Now time for the cupcakes what I was looking forward to the most! I ordered these cupcakes from Sugar  Queen Cupcakes. They use to have a shop in the mall and I would stop there every time I went. I was so sad that it closed down. So now they only take orders online and they will deliver them to you. I received them on Friday which was like torture to me. I was so tempted to sing happy birthday to myself and start eating them. I choose Their Sugar Queen vanilla which is the best vanilla cupcake I have ever tasted! It is so moist and  just so good!IMG_6849 IMG_6861 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6866 IMG_6871

I enjoyed my birthday. As long as I get to spend it with my family that’s all I need. I’m praying that I get to do it all again next year!

Check out our vlog HelloRobinsons to see video of my birthday!

until next time guys!



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  • Reply Roshandra

    That seafood has my mouth watering! Glad you enjoyed your birthday! I know this comment is way later. lol

    May 20, 2016 at 8:57 pm
    • Reply Hello Rheona

      It has my mouth watering every time I look at it too!

      May 24, 2016 at 5:31 am

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