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give herbalife a

Give Herbalife a try

Give Herbalife a try

Why should you give Herbalife a try? I went to the doctor recently and got on the scale and was shocked at what I saw! It seemed as if I had gained a lot of weight since I seen her last. Which was just six months ago! How could this be?? So she decided to run some tests thinking I might have a thyroid problem. Fast forward a week later I receive the results and find out that is not the problem. So, it’s just my bad eating habits and the lack of exercise. I hate to admit it but I haven’t exercised in years! Up until recently my weight has pretty much stayed the same.

I don’t want to continue to go up in weight so I had to come up with a plan. I’ve seen a lot of people on Instagram posting a variety of different weight loss products. Tummy teas, protein powders, pills, etc. One of my Instagram followers post about How she has been using Herbalife for quite a while to lose weight. She looked very healthy and had so many great things to say about the products. I had never even heard of Herbalife before guess I have been living under a rock the last couple years!

I found out that Herbalife has the #1 meal replacement and protein supplements combined in the world!

I decided to give them a try. They offer a 3 day trial package that comes with 6 formula packets(cookies and cream) and 6 total control tablets. I don’t know  many  weight management programs that offer a trial packet for a low-cost. Their Shakes are packed with protein, vitamin A,C,&E, Fiber and Calcium. The total control tablets quickly stimulates metabolism, increases alertness and provides energetic sensation.

herbalife 3 day


After trying the trial I decided that I wanted to become a member! I loved the shakes that much. They are great for people like me who skip breakfast frequently and just snack all day. I can go on and on how great Herbalife is so great but I want you to try it for yourself. So here is the link to order your 3 day trial! Which is very inexpensive! Check out my page to order more products.

I will keep you update with my Herbalife journey!


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